Broadband (Internet)

Faster than FAST Internet is HERE!

Now is a great time to sign up for Broadband Service from Valley! We are pleased to announce even higher Broadband speeds of up to 1GB….AVAILABLE NOW!

Monthly Service Packages

50M Down/50M Up                                                                       $49.99/month

For 1 – 4 Devices Mainly Using Email & Surfing the Web

100M Down/100M Up                                                                   $54.99/month

For 5 – 8 Devices Mainly Using Email & Surfing the Web

250M Down/250M Up                                                                   $79.99/month

For 8 + Devices…Simultaneously Heavy Streaming or Gaming & Medium Sized Businesses

500M Down/500M Up                                                                   $149.99/month

For 15 + Devices….Extreme Heavy Home or Work-From-Home Use or Medium to Large Businesses

1000M Down/1000M Up  (1GB)                                                  $299.99/month

Great for Homes & Businesses that NEED it ALL!

*Due to federal guidelines, a telephone line is required to receive Broadband Internet from Valley.

Internet Speed Comparison

Additional Internet Services

Valley offers several Internet services to fit your needs. Clickable services below allow you to download a PDF with more information about the service. For full information or to order services, please call us at 605-437-2615.