10/20/2014 Bat Cake

Bat Cake

Make 2 round 8” chocolate cakes according to package directions.
Let cool completely.

If the cake has a bump, cut it off and place the cut side of the cake down on a plate.

Next, take a frosting of your choice (canned white, cream cheese, decorators icing, etc.) and place swirls of frosting on top of the cake on the plate.

Add the next cake (bump removed) to the top of frosting swirls, cut side down.

After you have the cake done this far then you will start making the chocolate ganache (recipe above).

Once ganache is done, pour it over the cake starting in the center and let it drip over the edge of the cake.

Place in the fridge and keep cool until ready to serve.
While it’s chilling, you can start to make the bats.

For each bat you will need:
1-florist wire cut to the length of your choice
1-6” Piece of black gross grain ribbon

Take the ribbon and start to make a knot in the center of the ribbon-do not pull it tight yet.
Slip 1 piece of florist wire through the knot; bend about ¾” of the wire as a hook. Pull knot tight and twist the wire so it forms together right below the knot.
Take the scissor and cut the ribbon to look like bat wings.

Add as many bats to the top of your chilled cake as you would like.

This is a cake that will have everyone at your Halloween party going batty!