10/21/2013 Edible Mini Pumpkins

Edible Mini Pumpkins

1 pkg. unglazed doughnut holes
1 cup powdered sugar
3-4 Tbsp. milk
Orange colored sugar
Green Fruit Roll-ups
Chocolate or black licorice
Waxed paper

 Mix powdered sugar with 3 Tbsp. milk; stir (may have to add last Tbsp. of milk).

You want it to be thin enough to pour off of a spoon.

 Take a wooden skewer and place 3 doughnut holes on it.

Place over the glaze bowl and drizzle glaze over doughnuts allowing excess to drip off.

 Drop the doughnuts in a bowl of orange sugar and roll to cover completely. Place on waxed paper to dry.

Cut licorice into thin ½ inch long strips and place in center of each doughnut.

 Next cut a leaf out of a green Fruit Roll-up and place near the stem.

**This would be fun to do with children or grandchildren.**