10/21/2013 Spooky-Sweet Juice Boxes

Spooky-Sweet Juice Boxes

Spooky Juice Boxes
Juice boxes
Tape measure
Black, white, green and orange card stock
Small and medium circle paper punches
Clear tape
Adhesive wiggle eyes
Scrapbook adhesive

 Measure height and circumference of juice box. Add an inch to the circumference and cut a rectangle that size from colored card stock.

Measure the box’s top, adding an inch to the length (for folding over the box sides); cut. Create a straw hole with a small circle punch.

 (We used Hi-C so the dimensions are 8” x 4 1/4” around and 2” x 3” for the top (Frankenstein’s hair is 2 1/4” across))

 Use a medium circle punch or scissors to cut eerie creatures’ eyes, mouths, hair and stems from card stock. Adhere wiggle eyes to eye cutouts. Stick on your funny faces using scrapbook adhesive or double-stick tape.

 Place the smaller rectangle on top of the juice box. Align straw hole and tape sides into place. Next, wrap box with the larger rectangle, overlapping the ends at the back; tape in place. Tape the straw back on the juice box.

 Share and sip!