Crop Damage Due to Construction

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Crop Damage Due to Construction

The Year 3 FTTF project is underway and over the next several months, Valleys contractors including Ripley Construction of Cannon Falls, MN, and PUSH, Inc. of Rice Lake, WI, as well as Valleys engineers, Finley Engineering of Bismarck, ND, will be working in the Phase 2 Leola (east) and Ipswich areas.

Homeowners and landowners in the above mentioned areas may notice employees of these companies in the area. These contractors may visit your premise or require access to your home. They are authorized by Valley to obtain information and enter your premise on our behalf. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact our business office at 437-2615. Thank you for your cooperation.

Any landowner with crop damage in the rural Leola Phase 2 (east) or Ipswich areas from the 2011 construction project should contact Valleys business office at 437-2615 for a crop damage claim form.

The crop damage form may also be downloaded here.