05/06/2014 – Mobile Command Center Locations & Hours


Monday, May 12 – Pollock (11am – 3pm)
Tuesday, May 20 – Eureka (11am – 3pm)
Wednesday, May 21 – Leola (12pm – 4pm)
Thursday, May 22 – Ipswich (12pm – 4pm)
Friday, May 23 – Hosmer (11am – 3pm)


Wednesday, June 11 – Glenham (11am – 3pm)
Monday, June 16 – Pollock (11am – 3pm)
Tuesday, June 24 – Eureka (11am – 3pm)
Wednesday, June 25 – Leola (12pm – 4pm)
Thursday, June 26 – Hosmer (11am – 3pm)


Wednesday, July 9 – Glenham (11am – 3pm)
Monday, July 14 – Pollock (11am – 3pm)
Tuesday, July 22 – Eureka (11am – 3pm)
Wednesday, July 23 – Leola (12pm – 4pm)
Thursday, July 24 – Ipswich (12pm – 4pm)
Friday, July 25 – Hosmer (11am – 3pm)


Wednesday, August 6 – Glenham (11am – 3pm)
Monday, August 11 – Pollock (11am – 3pm)
Tuesday, August 19 – Eureka (11am – 3pm)
Wednesday, August 20 – Leola (12pm – 4pm)
Thursday, August 21 – Ipswich (12pm – 4pm)
Friday, August 22 – Hosmer (11am – 3pm)

05/06/2014 – Valley’s Mobile Command Center


Valley Telecommunications is pleased to announce the addition of the Valley “Mobile Command Center”. The Mobile Command Center made its debut during March in the communities of Eureka, Ipswich, and Leola as the classroom location for the “Device Classes” sponsored by Valley.

“Valley’s service area covers nearly 2,428 square miles”, said Darin LaCoursiere, Valley’s General Manager/CEO. “We need to be accessible to those members that are not based near our headquarters location,” added LaCoursiere. The Mobile Command center provides Valley’s staff with a fully functional office on wheels. “With the addition of the Command Center, we will be able to provide on-site customer service in our outlying communities. Our office staff will be able to demonstrate services and products, answer service and billing questions, and work with our members face-to-face,” said LaCoursiere. “This project truly puts the ‘local’ back into our claim of local customer service.”

Valley’s Marketing Coordinator, Kaye VanderVorst added, “The reviews so far have been fantastic! Our members are very pleased to see us out and about in their communities and having the Command Center allows us to give our members the personalized one-on-one service they have previously only experienced at the headquarters office in Herreid.”

The Valley Command Center also includes a wide selection of retail products that are available in the Technology Solutions Center at the headquarters office. The Mobile Command Center also features a Cellular phone display with the cellular handsets currently available from Valley Wireless. VanderVorst added, “Having the cellular phones in our Mobile Office is a huge benefit for Valley members. We are not able to bring our cellular sales and service to our local communities and activate cellular handsets on-site. The larger out-of-state cellular companies are certainly not providing this service!”

Over the summer months, Valley’s office staff will work to establish an on-site schedule for the Mobile Command Center. VanderVorst said, “Please continue to watch our newsletter and website, as well as Valley Video Channel 2 for the dates and times that the Command Center will be in your community. Although, the big bright green trailer is a little hard to miss!”