Cooperative Membership

Those we serve own Valley Telecommunications Cooperative. As a local telephone subscriber, you are automatically a member/owner of Valley Telecommunications Cooperative. Your cooperative’s mission is to provide the best communication services at a fair price; employing modern technology and up-to-date services; offering people choices to be successful and enhance their quality of life.

Each time you subscribe to one of Valley’s services, you are not just becoming a customer – you are making an investment in a company you and your neighbors actually own! As an owner of a telephone cooperative, you are entitled to certain benefits that are not available to customers of big name telephone companies.

Benefits include:

  • You elect each representative on the Board of Directors. Their job is to oversee the operation of your cooperative and protect your investment.
  • Once the operating costs and reinvestments in your cooperative have been met, the Board of Directors allocates the remaining money to the members in the form of “Capital Credits”. The amount allocated varies from year to year.

It’s really quite simple – each time someone make a call using Valley Long Distance or subscribers to services like Voice Mail or Caller ID, they’re investing in Valley Telecommunications Cooperative’s future, as well as their own. When Valley makes a profit that means you’ve just made a profit. Cooperatives are truly an unique business. Everyone has a stake in the success of a cooperative!