Telephone Collection Policy

Telephone Collection Policy – Board Policy No. 108

1.  Monthly billing

All charges for telephone service will be billed to the subscriber on a monthly basis.  Statements shall be mailed to the subscriber within the first week of the month.  Local service charges are billed one month in advance.  Statements shall also include long distance charges for the period ending approximately the 15th of the month preceding.  The statement is due when received and becomes delinquent if not paid by the 25th day of the same month.

2.  Late payment

In the event that payment is not received on the 25th of the SAME month in which service is rendered, a “Reminder Notice” shall be mailed to the subscriber.  A $10.00 late payment fee shall be charged to the delinquent account.

3.  Service Disconnect for Nonpayment

If the past due amount on the delinquent account consisting of undeniable charges, such as local service or long distance, is not paid on the 15th day of the following month in which service was rendered, service will be subject to complete disconnection, unless the 15th falls on a Friday, Holiday or Weekend, then disconnection will occur on the next working day.

4.  Reconnect charges

Any account that is subject to disconnection for nonpayment will be assessed a $25.00 minimum reconnection fee. If a site visit is necessary a site fee may also apply.  Full payment, plus any fees herein, must be paid before service will be reconnected.  Any subscribers that have been disconnected for nonpayment will be required to pay, the greater of a minimum deposit of $100 or twice the average of the preceding three month billings, in addition to full payment of the delinquent account, before service is restored.

5.  Non-sufficient fund checks

NSF check payment for delinquent accounts will result in an automatic disconnection of service. A $30.00 NSF fee will be assessed and a deposit as described above in (4) will also be required of the subscriber.

6.  Post dated/hold checks

Management and employees of Valley are not authorized to accept post dated/hold checks under any circumstances.  Post dated/hold checks are not considered legal tender and will be returned to the subscriber.

7.  Deposit

Customers with a D credit rating under Valley’s billing system (customers who have been previously disconnected for non-pay within the last 9 months; who have not been written off; who have received a final notice within the last 6 months or customers who have submitted a NSF check to Valley within the last 3 months) or customers who have not established a credit history with Valley will be required to make a deposit equal to two months local service and pay basic connection fees in advance.  Deposits will be refunded upon the customer notifying Valley to terminate service.  The deposit, less the amount of the customer’s final bill, will be refunded.  After one full year of service during which the customer has not been delinquent, the full deposit will be credited to the customer’s account.


Adopted:  November 16, 1995; Revised:  May 25, 2000; Revised:  March 20, 2003; Revised:  April 21, 2003 (Added #7); Revised:  April 19, 2006; Revised:  April 24, 2007 – Effective July 1, 2007; 
Revised:  April 28, 2015 – Effective April 28,2015