12/15/2015 – Important Notice for Valley Fiber Customers

Please be advised, in the event of a power outage, fiber customers will have limited access to Valley services.

The Universal Power Supply mounted in your home will continue to power your telephone line for approximately 8 to 12 hours. This may decrease with extended use of your landline during power outages. In addition, the equipment is programmed to allow only telephone services to work anytime there is a commercial power outage. (Even if you have a laptop powered by a battery, Ethernet services used for Internet are disabled which helps to increase the UPS battery life for telephone use.)

Additional Electrical Outage and Communications Tips

*Generators are very helpful during power outages but come with great responsibility. For power outages, permanently installed stationary generators are better suited for providing backup power to the home. Even a properly connected portable generator can become overloaded. It is important to follow the rated wattage and capacity to avoid damage to household items or personal injury.

*If using a PTO-powered generator to provide temporary power to your home, it is imperative the generator is running at the right RPM’s and using proper voltage before throwing the transfer switch. If the voltage is incorrect, electrical equipment such as cordless phones, microwaves, TV’s, etc. will be damaged. It is imperative that you read and know the proper operating parameters of your generator.

*Use surge protectors on computers and other related electronic equipment.

*Always have at least one hardwired landline phone in your home. Cordless phones that rely on electricity are not reliable during storms.

*Cellular phones are good backups, but also rely on electricity. Although cellular phones have batteries, they must be kept charged and more importantly, cellular service relies on the towers, which are also fed by electricity.

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