04/18/2012 Attorney General’s Office Warns of Phone Scams

04/18/2012 Attorney Generals Office Warns of Telecommunications Services Invoice Scam

The South Dakota AttorneyGenerals Office is warning businesses and government offices of atelecommunications services invoice scam. A.G. Marty Jackley says that acompany is sending solicitations that look like invoices for telecommunicationsservices that weren’t authorized. The state’s Consumer Protection Division hasreceived several calls from businesses and government offices across SouthDakota. They have been sent an invoice for $425 for a telecom maintenance agreement from a company that is thought to be from California. Jackley saysthe invoices serve as future sales pitches from the companies. He says theinvoices look real and are being paid without question. Jackley says recipientsshould question the validity before they submit payment. Those that havequestions about the scam can contact the A.G.s Consumer Protection Division at1-800-300-1986 or email consumerhelp@state.sd.us.

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