04/15/2013 May Day Basket Cupcakes

May Day Basket Cupcakes

To decorate the May Day Basket cupcakes you will need:

  • Green icing
  • Decorator tip # 233 (grass)
  • Pastry bag and coupler to use with the decorator tip
  • Flowers (I used purchased flowers but you can make your own if you’d like.)
  • Pipe cleaner (for basket handle)                              

Bake and cool and flavor of cupcakes.

Frost the top of the cupcake with a little bit of green frosting to cover.

Pipe more green frosting on using decorator tip # 233. This will make the grass.

After the whole cupcake is covered with “grass”, add your flowers.

Add a pipe cleaner (6”-8” in length) for the handle.