Broadband (Internet)

Faster than FAST Internet is HERE!

Now is a great time to sign up for Broadband Service from Valley! We are pleased to announce even higher Broadband speeds of up to 1GB….AVAILABLE NOW!

Monthly Service Packages

50M Down/50M Up                                                                       $49.99/month*

For 1 – 4 Devices Mainly Using Email & Surfing the Web

100M Down/100M Up                                                                   $54.99/month*

For 5 – 8 Devices Mainly Using Email & Surfing the Web

250M Down/250M Up                                                                   $79.99/month**

For 8 + Devices…Simultaneously Heavy Streaming or Gaming & Medium Sized Businesses

500M Down/500M Up                                                                   $149.99/month**

For 15 + Devices….Extreme Heavy Home or Work-From-Home Use or Medium to Large Businesses

1000M Down/1000M Up  (1GB)                                                  $299.99/month**

Great for Homes & Businesses that NEED it ALL!

*Due to federal guidelines, a telephone line is required to receive Broadband Internet from Valley for Broadband services of 50M/50M and 100M/100M.

**No telephone line is required for Broadband Packages of 250M/250M, 500M/500M, and 1000M/1000M.

Internet Speed Comparison

Additional Internet Services

Valley offers several Internet services to fit your needs. Clickable services below allow you to download a PDF with more information about the service. For full information or to order services, please call us at 605-437-2615.