DSL Frequently Asked Questions

Will Valley’s DSL technology work with a network of computers? Are there extra charges for multiple computers?

Yes. Our high speed service will work with home and business networks, but you may need to purchase Ethernet Cards for each PC, as well as special networking hardware (hub/router). There is not an additional charge for multiple computers. However, there would be an additional monthly charge if your setup requires a static (or never changing) IP (Internet-Protocol) address.

Do I need any special computer equipment?

Your computer must be equipped with a NIC (Network Interface Card).

Where can I purchase the Ethernet (NIC) and/or DSL modems?

Installing additional internal peripherals may void your computer warranty unless the peripherals were purchased directly from the computer vendor. We suggest you speak with a representative from your computer manufacturers help desk and inquire as to their warranty policy before purchasing any additional equipment.

If there are no warranty concerns, then you may purchase the hardware from any source that sells ethernet cards.

Because there are so many modem manufacturers on the market, it is impossible for us to provide tech support for all of them. The only modems that Valley will provide limited tech support for, are those purchased and/or supplied by Valley.

Note: Valley does not provide installation services for Network Cards.