NEW! Managed Wi-Fi Service

Wi-Fi is no longer an optional “extra” for most homes and businesses!

Wi-Fi has become a critical component  of connectivity. Just think about the number of wireless devices being used by your family members or employees including laptops, tablets, and smartphones!

You need a wireless connection that is reliable and secure, and consumer grade Wi-Fi access points are no longer adequate to meet the needs to most environments.

Managed Wi-Fi from Valley is your local answer to the challenges of wireless connections in homes, farms, offices, and more!

Advantages of Managed Wi-Fi

  • Eliminates the cost of wireless router
  • No need to replace or upgrade equipment
  • Enables remote support so Valley can troubleshoot connectivity problems immediately
  • Advanced wireless technology
  • Automated firmware updates
  • Remote Wi-Fi management
  • Wi-Fi Analytics
  • Visibility of your network connectivity status
  • Interference mitigation

We install, connect and maintain your home or business Wi-Fi….so you don’t have to!

Managed Wi-Fi                                 $4.99/month