The New & Improved Valley Wireless Featuring 4G!

We’re All Talk. And Text. And Photos. And Data. And NOW….Available in 4G!

These days, communication is so much more than just talk, and a phone can be so much more than just a phone!

Combine one of our cellular phones with a plan created to fit your lifestyle and you can communicate anywhere, anytime to anyone!

Our Cellular Services Include: Voice, Texting, Email, Video Messaging, Photo Messaging, Internet (Smartphones only), and a wide selection of handsets & accessories.

Plus….All of your telephone services will be combined into one convenient, easy to understand bill!

With our superior customer service, you never have to take a number and wait for a response. We’re here for you to make your cellular phone experience pleasant, easy, and affordable!

4G Cellular Services/Handsets

NEW! 4G Plans Are Available NOW!

4G Simple Shared Plan

4G EXTRA Plan (Device Installment Plan)

4G Handsets


Download a Valley Wireless 4G Brochure HERE!

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