Custom Calling Features

Calling Features may be purchased in packages at a discounted rate. Contact Customer Service for additional information on price & availability.

3-Way Calling/Conference Call

While on the line with your first party, press the switchbox to place that party on hold, (some phones use the flash button). Listen for a dial tone, then dial the number of the 3rd party you wish to join the conversation. When the 3rd party answers, depress the switch hook again to join both callers. If your call to the 3rd party is not completed, or you decide not to have them join your conversation, depress the switch hook twice to resume your original call.

To disconnect the 3rd party, press the switch hook for 1-2 seconds, or if one party hangs up then youll still be connected to the other party. To disconnect entirely, just hang up.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Activation/Deactivation Code *77 / *87

Reject calls for which the caller has deliberately blocked their number from delivery. This service can be overridden by the operator in case of emergency.

Automatic Call Return

Activation/Deactivation Code *66 / *86

Continues to dial the number of the last party you called regardless of whether the original call was answered, unanswered, or encountered by a busy signal. Will monitor and continue to call up to 30 minutes.

Automatic Recall

Activation *69

Allows you to hear the number of the last party that called your number. Also gives you the option of returning that partys call. If someone has blocked their number from delivery, you will not hear the number but may still be given the option of returning the call. May not work if this same service is not available in the calling partys service area.

Call Forwarding

Activation/Deactivation Code 72# / 73#

Dial 72#, listen for the double beep, then dial the number you wish to forward your calls to. Allow that party to answer, you may carry on a conversation, then hang up-your calls are now forwarded. If no answer was received, you must repeat this step twice in order for call forwarding to be activated.

If you no longer wish to have your calls forwarded, pick up your phone & dial 73# to have the service deactivated. This process only needs to be done once.

Call Waiting

Temporary Deactivation Code *70

While on the phone, a beep will notify you a 2nd call is waiting to be answered. Press the switch hook or flash to place your party on hold to answer the incoming call. Press the switch hook/flash again to return to your original call. The deactivation code may be used to disable call waiting prior to important calls or logging on to the Internet.

Caller ID

Allows you to view the telephone number and name of the party calling you prior to your answering the phone. Will not deliver the number if the caller has blocked their number or if the service is not available in the calling partys service area.

Caller ID Blocking

Activation *67

Suppresses your telephone number from being delivered to a Caller ID box. Must be dialed prior to each call you wish to block-Dial *67, wait for a double beep and a second dial-tone, then dial your call.

Customer Originated Trace

$2.50 per each completed trace

Activation Code *57

Will initiate a trace on the last incoming call you received. Upon dialing the activation code, the originating telephone number and time of the call are forwarded to Valley. You must contact Valley to have the information released to the appropriate law enforcement agency. This information CANNOT be given out to anyone but law enforcement.

Distinctive Ring/Call Waiting

Activation *61 & Follow the Prompts

Define a list of up to 32 number to receive priority treatment. When any of the numbers on your list call you, you will hear a ring-ring tone instead of the normal ringing signal. If you subscribe to call waiting these calls will also come in as beep-beep,  while you are on the phone. The list is initiated/maintained by you and can be updated/changed at any time by dialing the activation code from your phone.

Selective Call Acceptance

Activation *64 & Follow the Prompts

Define a list of up to 32 numbers that you wish to receive calls from. All other calls received will be routed to an announcement stating your number is currently not accepting calls. You may turn this feature on/off or modify your list as often as you wish by dialing the activation code.

Selective Call Forward

Activation *63 & Follow the Prompts

Define a list of up to 32 numbers to be forwarded to a telephone number of your choice. If the number you have selected is long distance, you may be charged toll charges for the call. Numbers that attempt to call you and are not on this list will continue to ring at your original telephone number as usual.

Selective Call Rejection

Activation *60 & Follow the Prompts

Define a list of up to 32 number that you do not wish to receive calls from. All other calls will be routed to you as normal. Any calls received by someone on this list will reach a recording stating your number is currently not accepting calls. You may turn this feature on/off or modify your list by redialing the activation code at any time.

Speed Dial 8# or 30#


Pick up the handset and dial *74 for the 8# speed dial subscription or *75 for the 30# speed dial subscription. Wait about 4 seconds and youll hear a 2nd dial tone. Select and dial one of the possible dial codes (2-9 for 8#) or (20-49 for 30#). Dial the number of the person you want to assign to that code. For long distance calls, remember to include the 1 + area code. Press the # button and listen for 2 beeps which indicates your number has been stored.

Use:  Pick up the handset and dial the stored position followed by the # sign.(Example: 9#)

Toll Denial

Denies all 1+ and 0+ long distance calls. To use a calling card with this feature, you must first dial a 1-800 number to reach a long distance network. Toll free numbers, 911 calls, and local internet access calls my still be dialed with this feature.

900 Blocking

Denies all calls to 1-900 numbers.