Voice Mail System Features

E-ForwardTM with Name Delivery

Delivers Valley Voice Mal to a Valley e-mail account as a compressed .wav file. The calling party’s name and telephone number will appear in the message subject line (in most cases.)

Available in Silver & Gold Voice Mail Plans

“Phone Central” Interface

Phone Central is a PC Desktop application allowing Valley Voice Mail subscribers to play or delete messages and maintain and manage personal settings directly from their computers.

Available in Silver & Gold Voice Mail Plans

Integrated Phone WEB Portal

Manage your Voice Mailbox from virtually anywhere via the WEB Portal accessible from Valley’s home page. Change your greetings, manage your settings plus much more!

Valley Video TV Message Waiting Indicator

Valley Video Subscribers who also use Valley Voice Mail may receive a “Message Waiting Indication” via Valley Video.

Available in Silver & Gold Voice Mail Plans

E-Mail Only Voice Mail

Voice Mail messages may be sent directly to a Valley Email Account rather than being delivered via the Voice Mail System. Instead of dialing into the Voice Mail System, all messages are retrieved via E-Mail.

Available in Silver & Gold Voice Mail Plans

Out Dial/Out Dial Administration

Allows the calling party listening to a Voice Mail Greeting to transfer to another pre-programmed number. Example: “Leave a message or press ‘0’ to be connect to my shop number.” The administration feature allows the subscriber to manage their Out Dial number by accessing the settings via the voicemail setup.

Available in Gold Voice Mail Plan