Valley Video Blackout BINGO Rules

How to Play:

Watch Channel 290 every Wednesday at 7pm. (Re-played on Wednesday’s at 8pm and on Thursday’s at 5pm and 6pm)

BINGO numbers will be drawn in lots of 15, 15, 15, and 10.

A total of 55 numbers will be drawn each month.

BINGO Cards:

You will receive a different color bingo card in your Valley bill each month.

You will play using the same card for the entire month.

One BINGO card per household will be allowed (no business accounts or additional lines).

If your number(s) are called please place an “X” over the space.

BINGO games are BLACKOUT – in order to win, every space must have an “X”.

If You Win!

If you have BLACKOUT BINGO, return your card to our business office (102 Main St S, Herreid) or mail (PO Box 7, Herreid, SD 57632) within 10 days of the end of the month. (Ex: Winning cards for December must be received by January 10th, etc.)

We will verify that your winning card is correct.

The first winning card received in our business office will receive $25.00 in gift certificates redeemable at any participating local businesses. In the event of multiple winning cards received on the same day, a drawing will be held to determine the winner. Other prizes will be awarded to the additional winning card holders.

Please include your name, telephone number and date on the winning card.

Please direct any questions regarding BLACKOUT BINGO to our business office at 437-2615.